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3 Tips For Keeping Up The Fitness Momentum On Vacation


Going on summer vacation typically means a free pass to eat whatever you want, right? I know that when I was growing up it meant lots of ice cream and rich meals out at local restaurants. But, what if you don’t want to toss your clean eating and healthy lifestyle out the window just because you’re going on vacation? Well, if you’re traveling solo, then it’s easy enough to be mindful, but not so much if you are traveling with friends or family. So, we’ve got some tips to help you stay on track.

Focus on Breakfast

Since a lot of people skip breakfast, or sleep in on vacation, this is the easiest meal to have complete control over. So, make sure to make the healthiest possible decision when it comes to eating breakfast on vacation.

Instead of grabbing donuts or pastries with everyone else, have some oatmeal, fruit or veggie omelet for the healthiest breakfast choices.

Make Active Choices

Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean that you can’t get in some workouts here and there. If you’re at the beach, take a job on the sand or do some swimming to get the heart rate up. You can also do something like surfing or stand up paddle boarding for a fun workout. Other things you can do include hikes and just walking everywhere that you can.

Do Some Bodyweight Workouts

All you need is a little space in your hotel room to get in a short, quality workout. So, take 10 to 15 minutes and sprint through some jumping jacks, squats, burpees, push-ups and similar bodyweight exercises. This will help you to stay toned and fit while on vacation and ensure that all that hard work you’ve put in before now won’t go to waste just because you’re on holiday.

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