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Best Beaches in Oregon

oregon beach

Sometimes finding a good beach to go to can be a hard task to achieve. Some of the best beaches in the world can be found in Oregon. Sit back and join me as I give you 5 of the best beaches to visit in Oregon.

Depoe Bay

This gorgeous beach is located right along the edge of the Pacific Ocean. Agates are known to commonly wash up on this beaches coatline. Depoe Bay is known for being a very smalltown but picks up during the summer time when tourism rates are up. This beach provides all beach goers with a chance to find high-quality agates. These high quality agates can be found anywhere from Newport, located in the South, all the way to to Lincoln City, located in the North.

Beverly Beach

Beverly Beach is located right on the gorgeous agate bearing area located in Lincoln County, Oregon. This beautiful beach is located between the Yaquina Head and the Beverly Beach State Park. The beach was officially named in the 1930s and today is able to help boast a small community. Surrounding the beach is plenty of creeks and cliffs that are said to contain lots of fossils and gemstones. All the agates and minerals that are found in the area are said to come from the cliffs that are surrounding the beach.

Moolack Beach

Moolack Beach is located right between Lincoln City and Newport located in the central region of the Oregon Coast. The beach is believed to stretch 5 miles from Yaquina Head in the south to Otter Rock in the North. The beach has become a must see due to its agates and the beauty of the beach. Moolack Beach has become popular fir its agates, fossil hunting and for its surfing. Throughout the year the beach is uncrowded and is ideal for agate hunting due to its flat surface.


This beach is located in Lincoln County along the Pacific, at the foot of the beautiful coastal ranges. Yachots name comes from a Chinook Indian word that means dark water. Surrounding the town is tons of gorgeous beaches, creeks, lighthouses and tons of beautiful streams that bear agates. The source of the Oregon agates in the area are said to come from the volcanic mountains that surrounds Yachats.


Located right in Tillamook County is a gorgeous small town called Oceanside. Along with having beautiful beaches Oceanside is also home to the Oceanside Beach State Recreational Site, the Three Arch Rocks National Widlife Refuge and the Symons State Park. For many visitors this has become a favorite agate hunting place. The creeks here help to wash the agates into the ocean then they are washed back onto the beach. At Oceanside, if you actuallt try you could end up leaving with a large amount of your own agate treasures. Winter and Fall are said to be considered most peoples perfect season for agate hunting. The Winter storms there are known for washing a large number of agates onto the beach. The whole Oregon Coast is known to be a great place to visit and being in Oregon you never have to loom to far to find your own little piece of heaven.

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