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Top 6 Best Beaches in Portugal

Albufeira Portugal Beach

Portugal is blessed with stunning beaches extending around the whole sea facing sides of the nation. The tourist beaches that are popular are found along the southern Algarve coastline. Here are the best six beaches in Portugal.

1. Praia de Tavira Beach

It’s the most popular beach in the region. The beach is linked to Tavira by an inexpensive, regular ferry. Praia de Tavira, which is an idyllic sandbar island extending 12km along the amazing Ria Formosa Nature Park. It’ the nearest beach to Tavira. It has a wide stretch of sands that are soft and golden, with calm and clean sea waters suitable for families and children.

2. Praia da Rocha Beach (Rock Beach)

The beach is located on the stunning coastline. High sandstone cliffs falling away to crystal clear water and wide golden sands surround the beautiful beaches. It has a wooden promenade running the whole beach length, with a selection of restaurants and beach cafes behind it. That makes it easier for families with wheelchairs and pushes chairs to access the facility.

3. Praia da Marinha

The beach among the most beautiful and emblematic beaches of Portugal. It’s based on the Atlantic coast, Caramujeira, in Lagoa Municipality, in Algarve. The Michelin Guide ranks the beach among the ten most beautiful European beaches. Also, it’s among the 100 most beautiful beaches worldwide. In the year 2015, the European Best Destinations classified this beach among the Europe’s best destinations. This beach is famous because of it has high water quality and beautiful cliffs.

4. Praia do Guincho (Guincho Beach)

The beach is based on Lisbon. It’s a well-known Atlantic blue flag. The beach is close to small villages such as historical Biscaia, Figueira do Guincho, Charneca, and Areia. Guincho Beach has conditions that are preferred for surfing. It’s popular for kitesurfing, windsurfing, and surfing. Guincho was among the windsurfing world cup locations in the 90’s. Today, Guincho regularly holds several sporting events including BodyBoarding Championships and Portuguese National Surfing.

5. Praia de Sao Rafael

The beach is located on the Atlantic south coast, Algarve. It’s close to the Sesmarias village resort, within Albufeira Municipality. The beach is among the Algarve, sixty-nine blue flag beaches. It’s popularly known for having good facilities for the disabled. Praia de Sao Rafael has crystal-clear water, fine golden sand, and is backed by beautiful golden limestone cliffs. The beach has access for disabled; it has paved slopes boardwalks running all the way down to the beach.

6. Falesia Beach (Praia da Falesia)

It’s located in Albufeira, Algarve, in southern Portugal. Falesia Beach has a cliff beginning in the Barranco das Belharucas extending to Vilamoura. It’s a section of c continuous sand stretch almost 7km long. It’s flanked by high cliffs line in a deep tone varying from whitish to reds, in contrasting colors with the pine groves green. To the back of Praia da Falesia there’s a car park, with some areas having designated disabled drivers’ parking bay displaying a blue badge for Europe.

If you enjoy traveling, you should visit one of these beautiful beaches in Portugal and witness for yourself and have a lifetime experience.

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