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Best Beaches in Sydney

bondi beach

The beaches in Sydney Australia are numerous and beautiful. Narrowing down which beach to go to when in Sydney can be a daunting task. There are well over 100 beaches that stretch the coast line up and down. Secluded beaches and very crowded beaches both hug the waves and blue waters. Each offer a unique draw depending on what you are looking for on your excursion.

Tamara Beach is one that ranks high on the list. It has a left-handed reef break which the surfers and body boarders love. This is a good beach for you whether you are a sports enthusiast or a sun bather wanting something to watch. It is a narrow strip of sand between the headlands. Although it is a city beach and very close to a very busy beach, it has a nice secluded feel.

Bilgola beach is a hidden treasure to visit. It is located behind a vast amount of palm trees hidden underneath a hill. Although public transportation can be hard for this one to get to, it will be well worth the treck. It is in the northern proximity of the region.

Bondi is a very popular and well known beach. It can get very crowded during the weekend. However it is a beautiful beach and is worth fighting the little bit of extra crowds. There are restaurants and bars perched about the beach to take in a cold drink. It’s picturesque background is beautiful for any tourist or local alike.

Bronte beach is the perfect place for families and singles alike. It has a perfect park to picnic in very close to it. It is very accessible and easy to get to. Surrounded by a rocks is the perfect place to perch with a book on a rock or take a nap. There are many cafes surrounding it for when your hunger rises.

Avalon beach is a very accessible beach in the northern region. Avalon beach is secluded and quite for those that are looking to get away from the crowds. During the early 90’s it is rumored that Baywatch wanted to relocate set there. There is a nice area of sand to lay out on a towel. Just a short walk away is dinner and drinks which is a pleasant end to a day at the beach.

If your looking for a place away from the city, then Whale beach is for you. It feels like your in a world of your own away from the big city. It is a long drive to get to the beach. Most would agree that it is worth the little bit of extra time to get there. It is Beautiful and relaxing to sit on a sun kissed beach. A good recommendation for visiting would be to make a day trip out of it.

Shelly beach is accessible by ferry. Surrounded by trees and greenery, it is the perfect spot for a lunch or picnic. The cove is filled with many exotic fish for you to snorkel and swim with. The beauty of both rocky and sandy shore line is the perfect mix of paradise.

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