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Buying Guide: Shopping For The Best Golf Bags For The Money (2022)

Unless you want to be carrying your golf clubs around the golf course, chances are you will need a golf bag. With so many options on the market, which one should you choose? How do you select one? Currently there are a few good ones out there: Staff bags, cart bags, stand bags, travel bags and carry bags are all excellent choices but for different reasons. Which one you choose will be based on your own personal preference, but it is important to know the benefits of each, the drawbacks, and to choose wisely once you know all there is to know about purchasing a golf bag. After all, your golf bag is an investment and they can be expensive. Choosing the right one will make your life on the golf course easier, more comfortable, and will also make sure you get the most for your money.

Top 10 Best Golf Bags for Beginners and Seasoned Players

Ping 4 Series Carry Golf Bag[usr 5.0]
Callaway 2017 Org 14 Cart Bag[usr 5.0]
Ping Pioneer Golf Cart Bag (2017) [usr 5.0]
Nike Golf- 2015 Sport Cart III Bag[usr 4.9]
TaylorMade 2017 Supreme Hybrid Stand Bag[usr 4.8]
Nike Air Sport Lite Stand Bag[usr 4.8]
Callaway 2017 Chev Stand Bag[usr 4.8]
Callaway 2017 Fusion Stand Bag[usr 4.7]
TaylorMade San Clemente Cart Bag[usr 4.7]
*rated by us based on value, quality, and performance (links to go Amazon)

A few different types of golf bags you will find are the staff bag, cart bag, stand bag, travel bag and carry bag. The main thing to consider prior to purchase is how often you will be using the bag, where you will be playing, and when you will be playing. Here is a quick breakdown of each and how they can help make things a little easier on the course for you.

About Carry Bags

Carry bags are the lightest option of all these bags, weighing a mere two pounds. The minimal weight is due to lighter materials and a less rigid design than its golf bag counterparts have, and this means that they don’t have quite as many features. Less pockets and dividers are the main quality noticed in carry bags than other bags available for purchase on the market. These bags are similar to the stand bag, but do not have the added convenience of the retractable legs.

About Cart Bags

Although not as large as the staff bag, the cart bag is significantly lighter making it much easier to carry around. It is designed primarily to be used in a push cart or placed in a golf cart-as the name implies. If you prefer to get your exercise in on the golf course, this probably won’t be the bag for you as it is not designed to be carried. It weighs in around 7 pounds so the lighter bag makes it more comfortable to move back and forth, but it is still not designed to be carried throughout the course. Overall, this is going to be a great choice if you have access to a push cart or golf cart. The easy access pockets and non-slip rubber base are another great addition to this bag.

About Stand Bags

These bags hold their own weight with two retractable legs, so you don’t have to worry about it toppling over while you play. The legs give the bag a unique feature, enabling it to stand upright or at an angle. If you plan on walking during your golf game, this is the bag for you. Great for the golfer who doesn’t want a push cart or golf cart, the stand bag weighs a very light 5 pounds making it an easy carry. Designed with comfort in mind, stand bags have hip padding, as well as straps for easier carry (these features solely depend on the bag you purchase, however, and do not come standard in each bag). Adding to the benefits and versatility of this bag, the stand bag is able to be carried, placed in a push cart, or placed on a golf cart.

About Travel Bags

If you find yourself traveling with your bags, you may want to look into investing in a travel bag. These bags aren’t necessarily for walking the course, but are used to protect your golf clubs during travel. With a padded top, wheels, extra pockets and padded handles, these bags are great for heading to the airport or making a long distance drive with your golf clubs.

About Staff Bags

This bag is the top shelf of golf bags for a variety of reasons. They provide plenty of room for all of your golf clubs and are made of high quality materials. Adding to the benefits of this bag are the eye-catching shape, and that it is considered by many to be one of the best looking bags on the golf course. The only downside you may find to this bag is that it can be a little on the heavy side, weighing in at about 10 pounds. Weight is a main factor in why many people look to a caddy or cart when using this bag, so it is important to keep that in mind prior to purchasing the staff bag.

What Is A Sunday Golf Bag?

Golf is one sport in which it offers the player top physical exercise and a decent cardiovascular workout. Golfers know better than anyone else that they can carry a load of unnecessary equipment that they never use, but have just in case they need the item. Compare a golf bag to a woman’s purse. It is because of the heaviness of a standard golf bag that golf carts, golf cars, and caddies are available.

Golfers are trending towards a peaceful Sunday golf game. Golfers who opt for a Sunday game are taking only the necessities with them to play the game. Some golfers have their usual golf bag and an additional bag just for that Sunday game, thus called the Sunday bag.

This one to two strap golf bag made of a lightweight material compresses easily and is folded down to fit into smaller spaces. There are no dividers or numerous zipper sections or cooler sections on these bags to increase weight. These bags accommodate, at best, no more than nine clubs.

All golfers agree that any bag weighing up to four pounds empty is not too much to take around the course. Golfers, as a rule, carry Sunday golf bags and use no stands or carts. The majority of golfers opt for a Sunday bag with a stand that collapses to keep the bag from getting wet or soiled by laying it on the grass, and the additional weight is not enough to make any great difference when carrying.

Affordability and light in weight are the primary goals for a Sunday golf bag. You want the material to be durable, lightweight, yet rugged. By light weight your bag should not weigh over four pounds, empty. Some golfers need the assurance that when they enter the course, they have all the clubs they might need, thus prefer their Sunday bag accommodate a full set of clubs.

The purpose of a Sunday bag is not to rely on a cart or golf car. At most a Sunday bag should have a simple stand to keep the bag off the wet grass. The golfer is going to need the bag to have one or two carry straps. The bag must be collapsible to accommodate small spaces in the car or at home. The Sunday bag has a lot less storage space than the regular golf bag. However, it should have at least one secure pocket for your keys, wallet, and cell phone. It is also ideal if the bag comes with a cover for ease in traveling and storage. The manufacturer should have a variety of colors to choose from because this is an important option for many golfers. To find a Sunday golf bag with all these features may be difficult to impossible to find.

You may or may not find a Sunday bag offering all of these options. However, you will find a Sunday bag that has many more pros than cons to meet your needs for a peaceful Sunday round of golf. No, a Sunday golf bag is not meant to have all of the options of your regular golf bag, but it does meet your need for a quick impromptu game of golf. The ideal Sunday golf bag with the following is a golfer’s dream.

The best bag for you is going to be a personal choice, and while your golfing buddies may prefer one over the other it is important that you weigh all of the aspects of the bag that is best for you. Whether you find a staff bag, carry bag, or one of the others on this list, each of them is going to have a great benefit to you, your game, and most importantly your comfort while on the golf course. Make sure you weigh in all the pros and cons of each of these bags so you can get the best bag for you.

How To Store Your Golf Bag (The Right Way)

For every golfer, there comes a time to put the clubs away. No, this is not about retiring from the sport. But each year, cold weather, rainy seasons and lengthy business trips mean having to store the golf bag for an extended period. Unlike the pros of the PGA and LPGA Tours, who today play year round, the average golfer has regular downtime.

The problem many have is being unaware of how to store bags in an optimal manner. To help golfers avoid damaging their equipment, when putting it away, following are the top tips on storing a golf bag.

Find a Temperature-Controlled Environment

A steady temperature is best for clubs. Storing a golf bag in a place where there are regular temperature changes can lead to damage. It is best to locate a room temperature location and leave the club there. Avoid any room where things get either too hot or too cold.

Unfortunately, many golfers make the error of leaving their bags in the car. The thinking is that the trunk is a secure location, safe from rain and other precipitation. Doing so is wrong. The car, especially if parked outside on a regular basis, undergoes extreme temperature changes.

Also avoid humid storage areas to prevent mold and mildew.

Place in an Upright Position

Always ensure that the bag is upright and the clubs are in the same position. Tangled clubs can wind up with dings.

Again, the car is a bad location to store clubs. It is common for golfers to retrieve their bags when the new season begins, only to find clubs bent from being tossed about while driving. This equipment does not come cheap, as any golfer knows. Treat clubs with respect.

Use Head Covers

If possible, keep clubs covered while in the bag. Drivers and woods are especially susceptible to scratches and dust.

Keep Everything Ultra-Clean

Last, but not least, always ensure that the bag and clubs are clean before putting them away for the off-season. Dirt in the bag can corrode the clubs.

After checking the bag for debris, wash all the clubs with soap and water. Let them dry before replacing in the bag.

Now Enjoy the Off-Season

With a bag properly stored, it is time to enjoy the off-season. There is always some professional golf on television. Watching a few rounds should help prevent the doldrums.

Most importantly, be confident that the bag and its contents are in a safe location. Then, when it is time to play again, everything will be in tip-top shape.

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