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Best Longboard Surfboard For Beginners (2022)

Looking to ride some waves on a sweet new longboard?  Our surfer-approved guide will provide the information you need to select a longboard.

Below we’ll share some of our favorite options when it comes to the best boards that you can buy right now. We’ll also give you some tips on what to look for before you buy.

Quick answer: What are the best longboard surfboards for the money right now?

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Top Longboard Surfboards

1. The Wavestorm 8’ Classic Pinline Surfboard

At 8’ for this surfboard with soft foam construction, the Wavestorm Classic is nice for those learning to surf with this option that is light and easier to handle.

Wavestorm 8' Classic Pinline Surfboard

Handling a surfboard can be easier with the textured grip available with the top graphic deck.

Catching a wave and riding it to shore are all possible with the Wavestorm Classic surfboard.  The slick bottom provides a stiffness that helps the board hold its shape.

As one of the most recognized soft surfboard brands, the Wavestorm is one of the most recognized boards for learning the sport.

The extensive manufacturing experience for the surfboard promotes a new healthy way of enjoying recreation.

Riding it to the shore is much easier with this type of board and people have been successful catching their first wave with this Wavestorm surfboard.

The removable ankle leash is longer for helping both adults and children who are just learning to surf.

The textured traction pad is nicer for surfing and makes the board more comfortable for riding.

2. BIC Sport Ace-Tec Longboard Surfboard with 3 Fins

This is a longboard that allows you to really play in the water.  Why wouldn’t you take this anywhere you wanted to go?

BIC Sport Ace-Tec Longboard Surfboard with 3 Fins

You can take it and make sure you’re having fun.  This type of longboard has design features of a quick-turning short board for the best riding.

The surfboard offers an enhanced ability to work on surfing techniques.  These types of boards work in a wide range of wave conditions and are exceptionally durable.

The thruster tri fin setup is nice for this surfboard that has a unique style and glide to it.  Gliding and floating lighter in the water can help a surfer become better at this sport.

The epoxy surfboard has a protective outer shell that makes this strong while offering a lightweight design.

3. NSP Elements Longboard Surfboard

It’s like this is a surfboard that you go poised throughout the ride with a style that makes sense for a surfer that wants to be good.

NSP Elements Longboard Surfboard | FINS Included | Durable All Around Long Board SURF Board

This board is for those wanting a newer way of riding.

The longboard comes in many sizes and includes fins for enjoyable rides with a versatile design.  A style like this can allow a surfer to ride the nose while serving as a durable all around board.

The NSP Elements is known for being easy to carry which is nice for a longboard.

Surfers have noticed that it is easy to use and nice as a fun board for many types of waves.

4. California Board Company CBC Slasher 8’ Surfboard

This is new with the Slasher Series of surfboards.  The slick bottom and soft top make it easier to use for those wanting a gentler way of enjoying the sport of surfing.

California Board Company CBC Slasher 8' Surfboard

The 3 surf fins offer a ride that can be nice for those wanting to try an 8’ option.  The style and features can be enjoyed with a board that is easy to carry.

Paddling and arriving at the wave starts can be more enjoyable as a board offers a gentle way to learn surf movements.

Balancing the nose to tail movements are enhanced skills that become easier with practice.

This can be ideal for any skill level.  The board can also be used for any water conditions.

5. BIC Sport G-Board EVO Soft Surfboard

A surfboard can make sure you are flying higher on the water.   This type of maneuvering can make it nicer for any kind of waves.

BIC Sport G-Board EVO Soft Surfboard

This type of surfboard can be used to learn to surf and the design offers many ways to enjoy surfing.  It comes complete with Thruster Tri Fins on the larger model with a more durable design for those wanting to learn leg movements and speed enhancements while surfing.

A high performance board can be one of the better ways to enjoy the waves and make surfing a more frequent recreation opportunity.

The G Board series has 4 models to meet the needs of surfers of all experience levels.  Surfing can be fun and easy with this lightweight performance board at an affordable price.

The BIC Sport can be enjoyed with a curved design that makes owners of surfboards pleased to enjoy the many ways of experiencing the waves.

Surfing has become a nice recreation for many people and a board like this can help you get to the water faster.

What To Consider Before Buying

The improvements with materials and shapes are impressive with nice advances for people who want to enjoy the outdoors riding ocean waves.  Surfboard developments have included more fins on the board to improve how it moves.

These fins, sometimes referred to as skegs, are on the bottom rear of the board to help give the rider enhanced riding abilities while surfing.

There are several to choose from with many types of longboards offering the best performance for beginners or recreational enthusiasts that frequently enjoy surfing.

There are many benefits to having a longboard for surfing.  They can be better for beginners with the size of the board and the easiness to catch waves.

The incredible buoyancy with a good-sized planing surface allows a rider to surf waves that may be too small to propel a shortboard.   As skilled surfers know, riding a wave while on the edge of the longboard’s nose is a way to surf known as more of an experienced maneuver.

The glide and poise of the longboard offers a variety of moving tricks and additional ways to enjoy different types of surfing.  Even experienced riders can enjoy the enhanced skills of surfing offered with innovative longboard designs available today.

Common Features

Many of the common longboards offered today are lighter and easier to carry.    The simple single fin longboard has more of a classic design that is enjoyed for pivot turns to surf the curl of a wave.

Today’s offerings are part of the best for surfers and fitness experts are seeing improved results with these types of recreation opportunities.

As many new surfers have learned from experience, the ability to be better at this sport is easier with innovative board designs that are safe, comfortable, and easier to carry.

The standing position for those experienced with surfing may include moves to the front of the board and also a way of shifting your weight that guides the board in a directional change.

The width, length, and curves of the surfboard are important for movements of the board and this is also part of the amazement with surfing.

Improvements are easily noticeable for paddling ability, leg movements, and arm enhancement positions.

A surfboard’s width is commonly the measurement of its widest point.   This deserves consideration, as it might be a part of skill building for riding styles and the radius of slight or stronger turns.

Right up there with the importance for maneuverability is the curvature of the longboard.

Facilitating surfing movements with tighter turns is a part of this and measurements such as width considerations can help you understand a board’s features.

The curvatures of the board can be understood with a better appreciation of the ways the feet can move along the surface with each slight bend, lift, and movement helping the board along.

Developing the best surfing skills simply requires recognition of how your arms move together with your legs while appreciating the gift of a surfboard.

Skills are built easily for movement in the water, planning speed, and any slight lifts of the nose or tail of the longboard.

The bottom contour and the outer edges of a surfboard help with a smoother ride.  The planing speed gets easier to manage with a few rides upright and surfing gets easier with practice.

Skimming the top of the water and shooting water out the back of the surfboard towards the fins can help.

Creating lift can be practicing by simply knowing the nose of a surfboard goes in an upward movement as gently as the rider can prefer with practice.

The deck of a surfboard and the side rails as the outer edges are parts of the design features.

Surfboard decks and the rails are often the main focus as riders hold on to the board while preparing for the next wave.

Expertise and skill building might take the attention to the nose of a surfboard as practice can take place out on the water or anywhere your imagery skills can take you.

Daydreaming becomes surf practicing and considerations for an amazingly affordable piece of surfing gear become a reality with a simple order purchase.

Group outings for surfing could be a goal as you begin your surfing journey.  The vacation is memorable and always nice when there is an opportunity to enjoy a comfortable beach outing with a reason to enjoy a surfboard purchase.

Features common for modern longboards are a length of 8 to 12 feet long.  The shapes may vary but one of the features getting more attention for surfing is the fins.

The surfboards offered today have additional innovative features that make owning more than one board as a stronger consideration for those traveling any distances to enjoy surfing.  Fins are understood as important for how the nose and tail work together.

One to three fin surfboards are getting more popular as purchases for beginner and experienced surfing enthusiasts, although their language may slightly differ when referring to the features of a board.

A single fin, twin fin, tri fin (thruster), quad fin, and the more rare five-fin setup are nice innovations for the sport.

Good surfers know the features offered are some of the best with classic and modern designs that may also be a hybrid.

These features are appreciated with a surfer’s experience that supports expertise for drag vs. speed, hold in a wave’s face, and the overall performance that matters for a longboard.

Maneuverability is important when considering any selections of a longboard surfboard.  The size of the board can be an enjoyable discovery when it comes to surfing and a few longboard comparisons can help you get ready for that first trip.

When considering which longboard to purchase, you would probably want to understand how to surf and how to make sure each effort allows you to balance enough to stand up on the board.

Most new at this type of recreation could understand the success of simply floating on the board out to where the waves are rolling in towards the land.  It takes some fitness but the newer board styles have simplified the way you can enjoy this sport.

Experiencing the maneuverability is as simple as floating out to the surf where waves seem to pick up momentum.

Paddling is optional but encouraged to catch the wave faster.

Get to the wave rolling area faster and prepare the length of the surfboard to best position for catching the wave.

Get ready with a way of moving the nose of a surfboard up with the rolling wave and movement of the board back to the beach.  With minimal effort for most, this skill doesn’t require surfing expertise or experience.

The types of waves and riding skills can be researched online with the main requirement for equipment being simply a surfboard.

Planning ahead can be a smart way to enjoy your trips even more as you decide on the location of surfing waves you might be searching for with your next ride.  People really enjoy the options available and the features offered.

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