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Keep Time With The Best Surf Watch (2022)

Hang ten! Nothing is more invigorating for some people than hitting the waves on their board.

It’s vital when you go surfboarding to dress for the occasion and not just with your suit. You also need a suitable watch, so you don’t lose track of time when you’re riding wave after wave.

Plus, a surf watch offers a variety of other features to enhance your surfing experience. Obviously, not just any watch will do either.

You need a waterproof surf watch that will take a beating and offers exclusive features ideal for surfing. Let us help you find the perfect option for you.

Quick answer: What are the best surf watches for the money?

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What To Consider Before Buying a Surf Watch 

You obviously want a waterproof watch because if you ever go into the water with your watch on, even accidentally, you don’t want to ruin it.

You also want to keep in mind that you need a watch in your budget. The prices of surf watches vary greatly. The price doesn’t always reflect its quality, but you also don’t want to make your decision based on price alone.

Additionally, you want to make sure you select a watch that you love that reflects your personal style.

Common Features

When you’re comparing available watches, you want to make sure your watch may get wet and be submerged into the water safely. This is one of the most important features, if not the most important.

Some surf watches have Bluetooth capabilities, which means they have wireless communication technology that you can utilize in close range. Bluetooth allows you to use the watch via a headset, or you can use it to receive data about the height and direction of the wind as well as the direction and speed of the wind.

Some watches offer this technology through an app, instead of Bluetooth. You may find data related to the tide in addition to moon graphs. This is vital since the moon has an impact on the tides.

The gravitational pull of the moon controls both high and low tides. Another feature certain surf watches have tracks your surfing.

You can input your top speeds and distances as well as keep track of your wave count. Some have unique features like a light.

When you’re selecting a surf watch, you may compare watches based on the depth you can dive with the watch on safely.

Top Surf Watches Reviewed

Check out our staff reviews below for our favorite watches for surfers like you.

1. Rip Curl Rifles Waterproof Digital Tide Watch 

The Rip Curl Rifles Waterproof Digital Tide Watch is an imported watch that consists of polyurethane.

Rip Curl Men's A1119-BLK Rifles Tide Digital Display Quartz Black Watch
  • MEN’S SURF WATCH: Keep track of high, low tides and future tides with 500 pre-programmed tide locations in the graph or detailed display. Our casual sport watch is great for outdoor activities: surfing, skiing, snowboarding, swimming, fishing, climbing, hiking and more
  • WATERPROOF + DURABLE: Waterproof tested and water resistant, for durable quality that will withstand waves and weather. Multifunctional watch for indoor sports and outdoor sports. Suitable for swimming and snorkeling, but not for diving
  • LIGHTWEIGHT FEEL: Sleek, lightweight, convenient waterproof watches for men that you won’t notice on your wrist in the waves. Functional digital surf watch with quartz movement that meets all of your surfing needs
  • ALARM, STOPWATCH + TIMER: Waterproof stopwatch watch with all the features you need when you’re out on the water. The display on the Rip Curl digital surf watch includes time, date, timer, and tide tracking. Water resistant up to 330 feet
  • SECURE WRIST WATCH: Secure 41mm wristband with locking keeper and stainless steel watch buckle. Big numbers display and light included to easily see the time and data anytime of day

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Rip Curl individually tests each of their watches to evaluate their ability to resist water. This particular watch is waterproof up to a depth of 330 feet. It has a quartz movement, which means it’s electronic and has a quartz crystal within its electronic system.

This surf watch comes standard with 550 preprogrammed locations. You may choose between either a graph or detail display.

When you’re in graph display mode, you’ll notice the display shows neap and spring tides. The watch forecasts waves and their heights up to eight hours in the future and will store data for two hours in the past.

Additionally, it has a stopwatch, alarm, and light, making this particular watch incredibly versatile when you’re actually on the water.

Even if you smash it off of the waves a few times or bang it off your board, this watch will continue to function since it consists of a durable material. Plus, its black color makes it ideal for any occasion, either in or out of the water.

2. Casio Men’s ‘G-Shock’ Quartz Resin Sport Watch

The Casio Men’s ‘G-Shock’ Quartz Resin Sport Watch looks like a standard watch. In fact, you can wear it anywhere because nobody will be able to tell the difference.

Casio Men's G-Shock DW9052-1V Shock Resistant Black Resin Sport Watch
  • 200 M Water Resistance
  • Casio G-Shock Watch featuring Shock Resistance
  • Electro-Luminescent Backlight with Afterglow ensures easy reading during day or night
  • 1/100-Second StopWatch (Measuing Capacity: 00'00"00~59'59"99 (for the first 60 minutes) 1:00'00~23:59'59 (after 60 minutes)
  • Auto-calendar out until the year 2099, the watch does not have to be adjusted for the number days in month even leap year until 2099

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However, it has many unique features, which signify it’s a surf watch. It’s also incredibly durable. The company states it’s one of the most durable watches ever made.

Although the time and other statistics show up in digital format, it has a quartz movement. It’s resistant to shock, so you don’t have to worry about damaging it when you’re out on the water.

The watch is built to last, and it’s even scratch resistant. More than likely, unless you’re unnaturally rough with this watch, it’ll last you years to come.

It has several features, including a backlight, stopwatch, timer, and alarm. You may view the time in either a 12 or 24-hour format.

In terms of its water resistance, the watch is resistant up 200 meters or 660 feet under the water. It’s ideal for surface water sports, although you may want to consider another option if you scuba dive.

Even marine professionals may want to consider this option when selecting a surf watch.

3. Casio Men’s G-Shock Classic Analog-Digital Watch

If you choose the Casio Men’s G-Shock Classic Analog-Digital Watch, you’re receiving one of the most durable watches made. This version of the G-Shock has an analog time display, and a digital display to relay other vital information.

Casio G-Shock Quartz Watch with Resin Strap, Black (Model: G-100-1BVMCI)
  • Calendar Type: Day-Date-Month
  • Case Diameter: 47.8 Millimeters
  • Item Shape: Round
  • Clasp Type: Tang Buckle
  • Watch Movement Type: Quartz

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It features a second stopwatch that measures to the nearest 1/100 of a second. You may also use it’s elapsed time feature.

To keep track of your potential days off to go surfing, you might want to use the auto-calendar that’s preprogrammed for the next two decades. Plus, it has a backlight that’s powerful enough to see the display, no matter what type of lighting you’re in.

In addition to being durable, the battery is meant to last. In fact, you can expect the original battery to last for approximately three years.

You may be 660 feet under the water, and this watch will still function. While you may use it when you’re surfing or jet skiing, it’s also suitable for scuba diving for this reason.

4. Freestyle USA Shark Clip Watch

This watch is truly unique, from its bright orange shark logo to its vibrant pink, blue, and green components. It has a screw-down bezel and hydro pushers.

Freestyle women's FS84861 Shark Clip Classic Retro Digital Watch with Nylon Band
  • Brightly colored sport watch featuring screw-down bezel and hydro pushers
  • Additional functions include: 24 city world time function, local time, day, date, two alarms, heat timer, chronograph, and night vision backlight
  • 33 mm shock-resistant plastic case with mineral dial window
  • Japanese quartz movement with digital display
  • Nylon band with buckle closure

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The screw-down bezel means it connects tightly to the case, so neither water nor dust can enter its internal structure. The hydro pushers describe the type of buttons this watch uses.

You may press these particular buttons in water, and they still function normally without any hang-ups.

The Freestyle USA Shark Clip Watch has a 24-city world time function, so you may know the time anywhere in the world. You may set two different alarms on this watch, so you’re ready for whatever events you have planned.

The countdown timer lets you know how long it takes you to complete one heat, and it even features a night-vision backlight. It has a digital display but features a quartz movement.

The screen is resistant to shock. However, this watch is only intended for swimming, snorkeling, and surfing.

It’s only water resistant for up to 330 feet, so it’s not intended for scuba diving. It consists of a nylon band that’s durable while you’re partaking in any of your water sports.

5. NIXON Base Tide Pro A1212-100m Water Resistant Men’s Digital Surf Watch

The NIXON Base Tide Pro A1212-100m Water Resistant Men’s Digital Surf Watch comes in nine different colors, including two shades of blue, gray, black, lime, orange, white, slate, and surplus. The time displays digitally and is easy to see because of its large size.

NIXON Base Tide Pro A1212 - Black - 100m Water Resistant Men's Digital Surf Watch (42mm Watch Face, 24mm Pu/Rubber/Silicone Band)
  • The Base Tide Pro Delivers A Double-Overhead Dose Of Durability And Functionality. Featuring 550 pre-programmed tides and sunrise/sunset locations inside a tough-as-nails case, the Base Tide Pro is one of the toughest in the lineup.
  • 42Mm, 100 Meter/10Atm Custom Tr90 Case With Hardened Mineral Crystal, 10 Atm Water-Resistant Pushers, Stainless Caseback.
  • Digital Hints, Mod Colors, And Indestructible Capabilities, You Can Find The Time, Date, And Extreme Water-Resistant Capabilities On This Futuristic Classic Both In And Out Of The Water.
  • Custom Digital Module With Pre-Programmed Tide Information For 550 Beaches Around The World. Functions include time of day (12 hour or 24 hour), day/date, sunrise / sunset data, future and past tide, dual time, 3 types of alarms, countdown timer, wave counter, chronograph and an EL backlight.

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In addition to displaying the time, you may also view tide information from the 550 preprogrammed beaches inputted in this device.

It’s incredibly durable, so you don’t have to worry about damaging or scratching it. The manufacturer specifically made this watch to withstand intense work and play.

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