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Cyrusher FR100 Mountain Bike Review

The Cyrusher FR100 Mountain Bike is a premium mountain bike with the flexibility of a folding bike built into its muscular design. Recently updated, the new model boasts plenty of gears, chunky tires, disc brakes and an aluminum body ready to stand up to any punishment you send its way.

Bold, aggressive looks will have heads turning even as its tuned suspension can withstand an attack on the most rugged terrain.  However, is it worth the price tag?


  • New Updated Cyrusher FR100 MTBM310 ALTUS 24 Speeds
  • 26″ wheels x 17″ frame
  • Aluminum handle bars
  • Front and rear derailleurs
  • Yinxin mechanical disc brakes
  • Cyrusher Pro MTB saddle
  • Magnesium alloy 6-spoke 26″ rims
  • 26″ Chaoyang tires

What We Like

New Updated Cyrusher FR100 folding MTBThere’s a lot to like about this bike. It’s physical design is eye-catching with a chunky black aluminum frame and graphics that will have strangers asking where it came from. Built from the ground up with quality materials, it withstands punishing days climbing and descending uneven terrain. It features 24 gears that offer up just enough resistance to prevent slippage.  Disc brakes combined with its 26″ treaded tires allow it to stop on a dime.  The 17″ frame is big enough to accommodate most riders up to 6′ tall.  Its XCM lockout suspension with high quality fork ensures it can take a pounding when rattling down a mountainside without breaking into pieces. The pro-level saddle offers your body as much comfort as can be found in the back country. Certainly, its ability to fold up and be stored in even a compact car makes it a great weekend companion for somebody who doesn’t want to own a large truck or SUV to transport it.  It does fold down, which helps you carry it in to the head of the trail, if needed.

What We Don’t Like

New Updated Cyrusher FR100While it is designed as a folding bike, which most models are perfect for popping on your shoulder and carrying around town, the Cyrusher FR100 Mountain Bike is just a bit too big for this.  It takes about a minute to fold it up and is heavier than most bikes designed for metropolitan use.  It does come with a premium price tag, too.  If you are looking for a budget friendly bike, this one may not fit in your pocketbook.  When it arrives, the packaging and instructions appear complete, but several times parts have been missing or damaged. Check it all out before throwing out the packaging.  However, their customer service is responsive and has helped to rectify any problems promptly.

Recommended For

New Updated Cyrusher FR100  mtbWhat doesn’t this bike do?  If you are going to be hopping up some rocks, sliding down a steep trail, rumbling over gravel or simply enjoying a long ride down a back road, the Cyrusher FR100 Mountain Bike will stand up to almost anything the active biker can throw at it. Responsive gearing, quality materials and attention to detail have combined to produce a bicycle that most active adults would be proud to own. Commute to work and store it conveniently in your office, without having your transportation take up an inordinate amount of room when it is folded.

Not Recommended For

New Updated Cyrusher FR100 bikeIts full-size design means this is not for your still growing pre-teen who wants a serious mountain bike. Take them down to your local bike shop and have them fitted accordingly.  Hefty build makes it heavier, so it is not as easy to carry around town as some of the smaller bikes truly designed for urban living. Folding it is a little more challenging due to its strong construction. Also, if you are just starting out exploring off-road biking, the Cyrusher FR100 Mountain Bike requires a decent cash investment.  Try renting one if you are not committed to the life-style.

The Verdict

The Cyrusher FR100 Mountain Bike is a top-notch addition to any serious bicyclist’s garage who is interested in adventure.  Durable, attractive, and versatile, its designers truly took into consideration all the details while they crafted this unique bike. Able to work through all its gears seamlessly while ready to take on the harshest inclines, its suspension protects its frame and your body. Meanwhile, when you stop for refreshment, other enthusiasts will stop you and ask where you bought the bike.

image credit: skeeze / Pixabay

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