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Fun Beach Activities Beyond Swimming And Sunbathing


Standing on the sand, soaking up the atmosphere at the beach and enjoying the majesty of an ocean view is all some people need to enjoy their visit. For anyone who needs more excitement in their lives than that the possibilities of a beach are nearly endless. Following are a few of the most popular activities on any beach.

Snorkeling – The idea behind snorkeling began over 5,000 years ago with hollow reeds. Since then the basic idea hasn’t changed, and neither has the equipment. You still breathe through a hollow tube but nowadays it’s attached to snug-fitting goggles, or mask, that help protect your eyes from water. Other than using scuba equipment, snorkeling is the best way to enjoy the underwater scenery without having to surface for a breath every few minutes. Being able to keep your face in the water ensures you don’t miss a second of anything.

Cycling – There’s nothing quite like cycling on a path in full view of the beach and ocean. You can virtually feel your cares fade away with every turn of the wheel. It’s usually a windy ride but while wind in mountains could make cycling a chore, that same wind coming off the ocean is pure exhilaration. Or take it slow and easy on a beach cruiser bike that lets you do some leisurely cycling. Beachfront cycling is a different kind of workout, and most coastal towns will have shops that rent bikes. If not, you can bet bringing your own bike along is going to be worth whatever it takes.

Windsurfing – If you’ve ever watched windsurfers out enjoying the waves and wondered if it’s as much fun as it looks, the answer is yes, it most definitely is. It’s so easy to learn, and most beginners are able to enjoy windsurfing on their own within about five hours of training and supervised practice. It’s physically tiring and energizing at the same time but it isn’t expensive. Children under 70 pounds might have a little difficulty with control but some have overcome this with ankle weights, and of course, those who can’t swim should avoid this activity unless of course, they wear a lifejacket.

Bodysurfing – The only equipment needed for this sport is your own body, and maybe some fins, that’s it. You don’t need a surfboard to enjoy the thrill of riding waves. Bodysurfing requires skill and practice to gain that competitive edge, however, in the meantime, learning is what water fun is really all about. Most bodysurfers tend to ride smaller waves closer to shore so you don’t have far to swim before the ride starts. Although most people you may see bodysurfing aren’t professionals, this water fun is considered a genuinely athletic sport.

Kiteboarding – Is a mix of several water sports, all combined to give you the kind of thrill you come back for time after time. Through the use of a large, controllable kite, Kite boarders catch the wind to pull them through the water. Some use standard surfboards with or without feet bindings but there are boards made specifically for Kiteboarding. This exciting sport has fans all over the beaches of the world because most of the time, you can always count on a breeze from the ocean, so why not take advantage of it?

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