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Fun Day Trip Ideas from Rome, Italy

rome day trips

rome day tripsIf you’re traveling to Rome, you can fit in quite a few exciting spots to your schedule. Why not? It’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Not to mention it’s a historical destination with majestic churches, must-see museums, and world famous ruins. And, just because there is no shortage of things to see and do within Rome’s city center doesn’t mean that you can’t venture out to the surrounding areas. Below you’ll find some ideas on things you can do that might not yet be on your itinerary while visiting Rome.

Enjoy the Seafood in Capri.

You need to free an entire to truly enjoy Capri. You can get to this beautiful place via a train ride from Rome to Naples and then a boat ride across the Gulf of Naples to Marina Grande. Marina Grande is the main port of Capri where you can check out different shops and enjoy their Mediterranean seafood cuisine. But one thing not to miss when you’re in Capri is the Blue Grotto. It’s a magnificent cave endowed with emerald waters that cast surreal reflections inside. Also, if your legs can allow, hike to the town’s highest peak, Mount Solaro, and look at the breathtaking scenery.

Go see magnificent views in Tivoli.

Tivoli gives you good views of the Aniene River. Sitting on the top of a hill, Tivoli offers a fine refuge from the metropolis. The most popular place to go is the Villa d’Este, which has been restored to reveal its original grandeur. While you might enjoy the Mannerist frescoes, you should go see the gardens. You should also go see Villa Gregoriana, and if it isn’t too much to ask, go see Villa Adriana too.

Look back to the Old Rome in Ostia

The view has changed dramatically because of heavy silting and the recession of the shoreline. Ostia now sits about 3 kilometers from the sea. If you’re in Rome, you can drive or travel to Ostia for about 45 minutes. What you’ll see is ancient apartments and remains of ancient houses. Ostia used to be the city’s main port and commercial center up until heavy siltation caused a decline in economic activity in the 4th Century. Basically, it gives you a good perspective of what old Rome was.

Experience the Mediterranean beaches in Santa Severa.

Rome is a coastal city, which means you have a lot of opportunity to go to the beaches. One paradise that comes to mind is Santa Severa. The only problem is the long walk from the train station to the beaches, because there is no means of transportation aside from occasional buses. But when you get there, you can enjoy the sandy beaches, some of which are free for the public. Then you can check out a small municipal museum and the famous Castello Santa Severa.

Check out the best museum in the city.

Galleria Borghese is famous for its antiquities, which give you the 17th-century ambiance. Bask in the Renaissance atmosphere. Check out the baroque art and Bernini sculptures.

Walk along Via del Governo Vecchio and shop!

This street retained its 15th-century vibe, and that’s a good thing because you get to see the medieval architecture. But on the street are shops that are anything from boutiques to pizza stops.

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