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Fun Pool Party Games for Adults (and Teens!)

Games aren’t just for kids. One of the best ways to throw a fun pool party is by including games. Adult games are a great way to get everyone having fun together. Have a party that people will rave about for years to come. These pool party games will have your party rocking in no time.

1. Water Volleyball. Just like with regular volleyball, all you need is a net and a ball. After forming two teams you can wade through the water to score some points. You can easily start a game with as many people as you want, meaning no one has to sit and wait their turn. Find out who in your party has a competitive streak.

Plan on having a big party? You can start a “tournament” out of it! Start out with multiple teams to find the final winner. When you get tired, take an intermission by the pool with a cold drink.

2. Floating Ping Pong. If you don’t want to be swimming across the pool, why not try floating ping-pong? This game is just like regular ping-pong, except the table and net float on the surface of the water. The more you move around, the more the table moves too.

Four people can play at a time with just one table. If you have more guests you can form teams and play for a winner. Our ping pong enthusiast Sam thinks the best part is you don’t have to chase a ball cause it always floats!

3. Water Basketball. Those who are great on the court might have a little more trouble in the pool. This game can be played with just a few party members up to entire crowd. If you already have a basketball net, you may be able to use it near the pool. Otherwise, nets for pools can be found in most sports stores.

You can play teams to see who scores the most. You can even play one-on-one with various shooting games. And being in the water means it’s easier to retrieve the ball. This pool party game is the perfect way to get your guests involved.

4. Pool Golf. That’s right, you can now play golf poolside. While standing near the edge of the pool, players try to hit their golf ball into the floating hole. Just a regular ball and club are used, though the floating hall will likely need purchased.

This is the perfect guests to engage guests who are too shy to get in the water. For added fun, guests in the pool can move the hole to different locations. This game can enter any guest, guaranteed.

5. Chicken. Time to get a little more physical. This old classic is the perfect way to get guests involved at a pool party. To keep it simple, there should be two teams of two. One person sits on the others shoulders and attempts to knock the opponent into the pool.

Make it a challenge, and take turns to see which team is the best. If guests don’t want to get in the pool they can take bets on who will win and cheer teams on.

6. Limbo. Limbo is a good game to get guests laughing and having a good time. They can choose to take part and see how low they can go. Or they can just dance and watch the antics of other guests.

Make sure to set the atmosphere with some fun music, something to match the theme of your party. All you need is a long pole for two people to hold, like a bamboo stick or broomstick. If you really want to go all out, hand out a small prize for whoever goes the lowest. This can be something small, like a candy bar.

When it comes to having a fun party, make sure you include some of these best games. These games are guaranteed to make any party a good time.

image credit: By Infrogmation of New Orleans (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)], via Wikimedia Commons 

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