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6 Fun Summer Date Ideas For Couples

summer date

summer date ideasSummer offers a lot of opportunities for lovers or for people who want to go out on a date. Days are long and nights are short, which means lots of time for spending it out with that certain special someone. And with the weather so nice, there’s plenty of things to do outdoors. So, whether you are part of a new couple or a couple that’s been together for a while, take some inspiration from the date ideas below and enjoy a special summer night out with your honey.

A random road trip

Get a map and drive off to somewhere you haven’t been to before. This exciting and possibly an opportunity to see new sights and learn more about your community and what’s around it. The best thing about an impromptu road trip is that you can do this at any time and go anywhere your wheels take you.

A picnic

Picnics are not old fashioned. In this era of Skype chats and online interactions, spending some time together in person is probably just what you need. Since a romantic date at a diner is too cliche, a picnic is a breath of fresh air. Fresh air, indeed!

Play tennis or Frisbee on the beach

Sunbathing is boring. Walking on the beach with the frothy waves drenching your feet is so cliche. However, sweating it up on the beach is a fun way to spend your date. It’s not boring, and your chances of arguing with your girlfriend or boyfriend or spouse at the end of the day are lower, because–hey!–the endorphins. Bring with you some snacks, maybe some light beer. Don’t forget your water and sunscreen.

Ice cream on the sidewalk

It’s summer. It’s hot. So it makes sense to grab some ice cream and maybe get to know each other or reminisce the good old days as a married couple. The great about this is it’s too casual. You don’t have to wear a dress or a suit. Who cares? Go out there in your jeans, shirts, and flats or slippers, and just grab ice cream.

Go to a food fest

Maybe too much romance on a date is cliche already. People just want to have fun, and one way to enjoy a date together is to go a food festival and try different foods. Isn’t that exciting? Jostle your way to the buffet table from booth to booth and try different cuisines. This is a great opportunity to taste food from different regions. Everyone likes to eat, or at least gets hungry at some point, so going to a food fest is never bad option.

A trip to a vineyard

Instead of a wine toast at a lavish hotel, why not make it a little different this time? How about wine tasting at a winery? This is not your ordinary wine toast. At a winery or vineyard you get the opportunity to see a wide range of wines and possibly get to see the wine makers work. You think this is too expensive? No way! Wineries offer tastings for as little as $10! Get to know new wines and possibly go home with a few bottles with you. Of course, you’re treated to a scenery of lush grapes and picturesque landscape. How’s that for a summer treat with your date?

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