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Buying Guide: Best Men’s Golf Shoes For The Money (2022)

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Most golfers will tell you that the quality of your equipment is crucial to getting in a good golf round. Each may have their own different equipment priority, whether it be the golf cart, golf clubs, golf balls, or-what many consider the most important of all-golf shoes.

Making sure you have a good pair of golf shoes is vital for many reasons when it comes to game of golf. They discreetly impact nearly every portion of your game. From improving your swing to making sure you’re able to make it comfortably through the game, golf shoes play an important role when it comes to your performance.

With most golfers walking 5 miles each game and spending a combined 5 hours their feet, this is even more of a reason that you buy good quality golf shoes that will help keep your game strong-from start to finish.

When it comes to golf shoes, there are many different features you need to look for prior to purchase. Choosing the right material, size, style, and other additional options are all important parts of making sure you buy a shoe that will keep you happy on the course.

Keep in mind that your golf shoe is an important investment, so you will want to consider each of these aspects individually and carefully.

Top 10 Best Golf Shoes for Men

adidas Golf Men's Tour360 Boost Spiked Shoe[usr 4.8]
Nike Golf Men's FI Impact Golf Shoe[usr 4.7]
Crocs Mens Men's 15099 Karlson Golf Shoe[usr 4.7]
PUMA Men's Titanlite Golf Shoe[usr 4.7]
ECCO Men's Biom Hybrid 2 Golf Shoe[usr 4.7]
Ashworth Mens Kingston Saddle Golf Shoes[usr 4.7]
adidas Men's Adipower s Boost Golf Shoe[usr 4.6]
adidas Men's Tech Response 4.0 Golf Shoe[usr 4.6]
Men's Footjoy Hyperflex Golf Shoes[usr 4.4]
Nike Golf Men's Air Rival III Golf Shoe[usr 4.4]
*rated by us based on value, quality, and performance (links go to Amazon)


Golf shoes are available in two materials: synthetic and leather. Both of these options are going to do the job, but your personal preference and requirements will be the final say in which one you decide to purchase. Leather holds its weight on the golf course for a variety of reasons, and while they are more expensive than synthetic shoes you will find them lasting longer and maintaining greater air flow for a breathable, comfortable fit. They will also be easier to waterproof, making sure your feet stay dry throughout the game in the event of wet conditions.

Synthetic shoes are still a great option, but many golfers find that they are subpar to the leather option mentioned above. If price is of concern for you, it is best to go with a synthetic material as they are significantly cheaper than leather options. However, it is important to keep in mind that they don’t offer the same fit, waterproofing capabilities, or breathability that their leather counterparts have. No matter what you choose in regards to materials, make sure all of these elements are considered prior to purchase.

Size and Fit

Picking out the right shoe size is extremely important.  If you buy them too large you may find yourself sliding around, whereas purchasing a size too small will lead to extreme discomfort by the end of the game. When you go to purchase your shoes, make sure you are wearing the socks that you intend to wear while playing. This will give you the truest fit and best idea of how your shoes will feel on the golf course. Making sure you measure your feet is also crucial to the size selection process. Upon measuring both feet, if you find that one foot is smaller than the other you will want to go with the larger shoe size to ensure maximum comfort. A great fitting golf shoe will leave you an extra half inch of space from top to toe and be fitted tightly (but not too tight) throughout the middle portion of the foot. While you will find this area stretching out over the course of a few games, a tighter fit here lends itself to a better swing-great for your feet and your game!


Even though the style of your golf shoes may not directly affect your game or your comfort, you don’t want to spend money on something you find to be unattractive. Golf shoes come in a variety of styles, appealing to the most professional dressed golfer or the laid back player. Available for your choosing are trendy styles that change with the season, athletic styles which are a go to for many golfers, the traditional style which suits just about anyone, and the golf sandal for the golfer who wants to relax during his game. Decide what style suits you best and go with it, you want to make sure you feel good and look good during your game


These shoes, like leather, may be more expensive but many golfers find them superior to non-waterproofed shoes. Golfers don’t just play when the sun shines, after all. They play in a variety of conditions and rain happens to be one of those. Similar to finding the correct size, dry feet will make your game a little more pleasant (even if you have to find yourself playing it in the rain). When it comes to a good waterproof shoe, you will once again find yourself wanting to select a leather shoe for this. Leather golf shoes provide better waterproofing abilities and are more breathable in the event that a drizzle finds its way to your game.


Spikes are replaceable on certain golf shoes, and the amount you replace them depends on how active your golf game is. As a general rule of thumb, if you find yourself playing once a week you will want to change out your spikes once every three months or so. A good sign that your spikes have seen their last game are if you find yourself sliding during your swing or notice signs of wear (generally every 10-15 rounds). Not all shoes are made to offer replacement spikes, so make sure you check on this before you make your purchase. You may also want to talk to the sales associate at the store and see if they offer a different type of spikeless golf shoe called “nubbys”. These are a great alternative to spiked golf shoes as they eliminate the need to replace the spikes or the shoes in the event that the spikes wear down.


Even the most dedicated golfer can sometimes neglect shoe care, and you will want make sure you remember to keep up on this important-and often forgotten-detail. To start, you need to remove dirt and debris with a soft brush prior to washing them with a soft rag and warm, soapy water. After you have completed washing them, you will need to dry them thoroughly with a microfiber towel. While this isn’t something that needs to be done every game, you will occasionally want to polish your shoes and check for any signs of excessive wear to prevent damage. Golf shoes can be a pricey investment, and for this reason you want to make sure that you aren’t skipping the step of post game care and polish for your shoes.

No matter what style or material of golf shoes you choose, it is important to select the one that works the best for you. Making sure that you purchase the proper size and fit is also key to ensuring you have an enjoyable, comfortable game and aren’t finding yourself sitting it out because your shoes don’t fit right. Finally, caring for your golf shoes is important to maintaining the shoes quality and protecting your investment. Whichever shoe you find yourself in, make sure to arm yourself with this basic knowledge so that you can get the most out of your golf shoes.

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