Best Skate Shoes For Beginners (2022)

From iconic skate shoe to everyday street and skatewear, there are seemingly endless options for your feet when it comes to finding the right skateboard shoes. 

Skateboard shoes have been around nearly as long as the skateboard itself. Originally known as “sidewalk surfing,” the board on wheels gave surfers a way to ride when the swells were too gentle to surf.

Original skateboards lacked the grip tape and modern features that we’ve come to know, requiring the first skate shoes to provide a rubber outsole with a quality grip. 

The first skate shoe, the Randy 720 by Randolph Rubber Company was introduced in 1965. While Randolph Rubber didn’t go on to impact the skateboarding industry, the design lived on through Vans and their iconic Era and Slip-on shoes that have been around since the late 1960s and early 1970s. 

Since that time, the skateboarding industry has expanded and grown to include a number of well-known skate shoes, styles, and companies.

Whether you are looking for comfort, style and appearance, or durability on and off the skateboard, we’ve compiled a guide of the top skateboard shoes. These five shoes offer a variety of iconic look and feel, everyday durability, comfort skating and walking, as well as incredible grip, impact support, and abrasion resistance.  

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Top 5 Skateboard Shoes for Beginners

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Our Favorite Skateboard Shoes Reviewed

Looking for the best skateboard shoe to add to your closet? We’ve got you covered with these top five skate shoes.

1. Vans Unisex Classic Slip-On Skate Shoe

Vans’ Classic Slip-on has been the shoe of choice for skateboarders and BMX riders since the 1970s. Its iconic status only increased when the already famous shoe appeared on the feet of Sean Penn in his 1982 film Fast Times at Ridgemont High, and Twilight star, Kristen Stewart as she made her mark on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Vans Unisex Classic Slip-On Skate Shoe

The Vans Classic Slip-on features Vulcanized construction and is made of a 100% canvas upper that is incredibly durable for long-lasting wear. The rubber sole features the Vans signature waffle tread outsole for enhanced grip and sensitivity to your board.

A padded collar provides cushion around the heel and ankle, and the foam insole, although not removable, also provides extra cushion for comfort, while being firm enough to allow control. Elastic bands on either side of the canvas top give the shoe its slip-on feature. The elastic is rigid enough, however, to keep your foot securely in place. The entire shoe is flexible and ready to wear straight out of the box.

This skate shoe is a fun, classic introduction to the world of skate shoes. It comes in a variety of colors and pattern styles and will always be an icon in the world of skateboarding shoes.

2. Seeley Skate Shoe by adidas

The men’s Seeley Skate Shoe by adidas is made of a synthetic suede upper and a rubber sole. The abrasion-resistant sued keeps the shoes looking sharp even with daily sessions at the skate park. 

adidas Men's Seeley Skate Shoe

A textile lining on the rubber outsole provides both comfort and grip on the board or on the street. A laced closure keeps your feet secure and the padded collar offers extra cushion around the ankle. 

The Seeley’s textured toe provides added grip and durability, while featured “cups” on the rubber sole offer impact protection on your foot’s pressure points. Made for everyday wear, the Seeley Skate Shoe is flexible right out of the box and requires little to no wear-in time. 

The classic Tonal 3-stripes and subtle adidas Trefoil logo are the only indicators that this laid back skate shoe comes from the well-known sports brand. This easy-to-wear shoe can take you from the street to the park, providing plenty of comfort both on and off the board. 

3. DC Men’s Court Graffik Skate Shoe

The DC Court Graffik shoe is a low-top skate shoe made with leather and textile uppers and a classic rubber sole. The DC shoe is unique from other styles in that it offers abundant foam padding around both the collar and tongue for extra support and comfort.

DC Men's Court Graffik Skate Shoe

A lace-up closure keeps your feet secure and ready to ride at a moment’s notice.

The DC trademark Pill Pattern tread and cupsole construction provide plenty of grip, control, and impact protection. The lightweight mesh tongue keeps your feet comfortable, while ventilation holes ensure breathability throughout the leather and textile material.

The most striking feature of the DC Court Graffik is the DC Logo overlay across the back half of the shoe. Available in multiple colors, including monochromatic, stitched, and two-tone options, the skate shoe is a fun and comfortable addition to your collection.

4. Etnies Men’s Kingpin 2 Skate Shoe

This classic skateboard shoe from Etnies features a synthetic nubuck upper for incredible durability on and off the board. Inspired by the Etnies Fader, the Kingpin puts a fun and versatile spin on the traditional skate shoe. 

Etnies Men's Kingpin 2 Skate Shoe

A puffy, padded collar and tongue give the shoe a comfortable fit around the ankle and top of the foot. The insole is made from die-cut EVA that gives it quality, lightweight cushioning and impact absorption, as well as long-lasting durability.

The 400 NBS rubber outsole gives the Kingpin 2 the highest grade rubber outsole while still offering flexibility and give for easy skating and feel of the board. 

The Etnies logo is featured on the back half of the shoe. The Kingpin is available in a variety of black, gray, and charcoal color combinations. 

5. DC Men’s Anvil TX SE Skate Shoe

The Anvil TX SE by DC features a vulcanized construction and shape similar to the Vans slip-on. The 100% textile upper also includes a mesh lining and ventilation holes for breathability. 

DC Men's Anvil Tx Se Skate Shoe

A sticky rubber outsole and toe texture provide extra grip on the board as well as abrasion resistance for long days at the park. 

Like other DC skate shoes, the Anvil TX SE includes the trademarked Pill Pattern tread for shock resistance, comfort, and grip on and off your skateboard. Cushioning around the collar gives extra ankle protection and comfort. The laced closure gives added security and ensures little to no slipping while walking or skating. 

The DC branding is minimal on the Anvil, appearing on the tongue and side tag. The low-key shoe offers a great option for going from normal day-to-day wear straight to the skate park. It is available in several different patterns and prints, as well as two-tone charcoal, gray, and black. 

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