Best Skateboard Helmet For Beginners (2022)

The era of skateboarding without a helmet being considered a hardcore move is rapidly waning. When street skating legend Mike Vallely first strapped on a helmet for a pro street competition in 2015, more skaters took notice.

Now the skateboard helmet is more ubiquitous in the street. It was already a requirement at public and private skate parks in an effort to limit liability issues when falls lead to head injuries like abrasions or concussions.

More states are also starting to regulate helmet usage on skateboards. California’s law is currently the strictest and requires all children 18 or under to wear a helmet while skateboarding anywhere. 

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Top 5 Skateboard Helmets For The Money

What To Consider When Buying A Helmet For Skateboarding

When shopping for a first helmet, go in with a firm understanding of the basics. You need a helmet that meets Consumer Product Safety Commission, or CPSC, standards in order to comply with state helmet laws, such as those in California. 

The best skateboard helmets are CPSC-certified, and as more states adopt stricter helmet laws, uncertified helmet production will gradually decline. 

But what is the CPSC standard? CPSC-certified helmets feature an expanded polystyrene, or EPS, lining that makes it possible for the helmet to withstand more than one impact. It is not, however, made to withstand an unlimited number of shocks.

 EPS is a more rigid foam that helps absorb shock in an impact. The exterior of the helmet is generally crafted of ABS plastic or an EPS and ABS hybrid that combines the safety benefits of both materials in a more lightweight option. 

No matter the climate you live in, a good skate session will likely result in a sweat, particularly under the helmet. To alleviate your discomfort as the temperature rises, look for a helmet with built-in venting features and removable linings for easy cleaning. 

You also need to order a helmet made for your basic head size. Get out a tape measure and be prepared to consult a size chart to make sure you get a good fit. 

Beyond that, look for adjustable fit options. Each helmet size generally fits a multi-inch head size, making the ability to make minute fit adjustments a real win. You do not want a gap between your head and the EPS liner.

Our Favorite Skateboard Helmets Reviewed

Now that you have recognized the different features of the skateboard helmet, you will have to pick the right one that is aligned with your skating styles and preferences. Here are some of our top recommended skateboard helmets on the market.

1. Pro-Tec Classic Certified Skate Helmet

With five size ranges from X-small to X-large, the Pro-Tec classic is an affordable option when you need superior protection but also want options. Available in 14 different colors, the helmet is CPSC certified for skateboarding and features the standard ABS shell with an EPS liner. 

Pro-Tec Classic Certified Skate Helmet

On the comfort side, there are 11 vents to help alleviate sweaty helmet head. Adjustable straps with a buckle make it easy to fit at the chin and keep in place whether you are doing slides and grabs or flip tricks. 

The Pro-tec can also pull double-duty for active kiddos participating in other sports, such as bicycling or rollerblading, with a helmet requirement. 

2. OutdoorMaster Skateboard Helmet

OutdoorMaster provides a solid lightweight helmet with a low-profile for kids, teens and adults. Suitable for skating and freestyle BMX, the helmet features a removable liner that you can wash off after a day at the park or on the streets.

OutdoorMaster Skateboard Helmet - CPSC Certified Lightweight, Low-Profile Skate & Freestyle BMX Helmet with Removable Lining - 12 Vents Ventilation System - for Kids, Youth & Adults

On the cooling front, the helmet also features 12 air vents to provide some relief on hot days. 

The helmet is offered in small, medium and large sizes and fits heads ranging in size from 19.5 inches to 23.6 inches. The helmet provides a good initial fit and features easy adjustments to dial in a perfectly snug feel.

The straps and buckle are high quality and feature a padded area for maximum comfort.

For custom look fans, the OutdoorMaster uses a matte paint job in each of its 11 colors, lending it a unique aesthetic. It includes a one-year warranty.

3. Triple Eight Dual Certified Bike and Skateboard Helmet

For sizes X-small through X-large, the Triple Eight helmet packs a two-fer punch with both bike and skateboard certification. The manufacturer promotes it is also acceptable for scooter and roller derby use.

Triple Eight Dual Certified Bike and Skateboard Helmet

Designed to fit head sizes ranging from 19.7 inches to 24 inches, the helmet comes in nine different colors with a mix of glossy and matte options. The chin strap and buckle are standard designs with contrasting colors on most helmet variations.

On the cooling front, the Triple Eight relies on the use of a moisture-wicking material to alleviate sweat buildup and dripping and features a flower petal arrangement of air holes across the crown. It includes two pads to help skaters customize the fit within a given size range. For young skateboarders, this also provides an opportunity to switch out pads as the child grows.

The Triple Eight receives high marks in comfort and in actual crash situations and is an affordable option in most size and color variations.

4. Triple Eight Gotham Dual Certified Skateboard and Bike Helmet

A second Triple Eight option, the Gotham, is an urban-style helmet with a real chic factor. Rubber and matte finishes lend some color options a unique look while a reflective option enhances safety in the twilight or early morning hours. Gotham is certified for use as both a bike and skateboard helmet. 

Triple Eight Gotham Dual Certified Skateboard and Bike Helmet

It features a minimum of venting options so is best for cold-weather climates or the winter months only. For some sweat relief, two terrycloth moisture-wicking pads are included with the helmet. This makes it easy to clean the helmet after a sweaty session.

The Gotham is lighter weight and allows for easy fit adjustments with a dialing system in the rear of the helmet that pulls double-duty as a reflector. Size range is X-small through X-large with three sizes covering all areas. Head sizes accommodated range from 19.7 inches to 24 inches. 

5. S-One Lifer Helmet

With over 40 design options, including major-league collaborations, the S-One Lifer offers a style for everyone. It is CPSC certified but promotes providing the feeling of a soft foam helmet.

The S-One Lifer Helmet is the best fitting CPSC certified and multi-impact helmet on the market.

The S-One price varies from mid-range to higher-end depending on the style selected and size.  Each option features several vent holes for maximum airflow and has a moisture-wicking liner that absorbs sweat.

Six different sizes are offered, small to XXX-Large, for head sizes from 21 inches to 23.5 inches. Additional liners can be purchased separately to customize the fit, but the S-One fits very true to size and comfortable from the start.

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