Best Skateboard Trucks For Beginners, Carving, Pop, & Tricks (2022)

The evolution of your own skateboarding riding style is accomplished by skating and jumping over objects every day. To achieve this goal, you need to have terrific equipment underneath you at all times. 

Some experienced skateboarders believe it all begins with the type of skateboard trucks attached to your deck. 

Skateboard trucks are the most important piece of a skateboard as they will have a major impact on the feel and your performance level when attempting jumps and tricks. Obviously, some of the skateboard trucks on the market are more durable and a better quality product than others. 

When choosing which skateboard trucks to purchase, you should select the model that fits your skateboarding riding style best. And we can help you with that.

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Top 5 Skateboard Trucks for the Money (2022)

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What Are Skateboard Trucks?

If you’re not familiar with skateboarding, then skateboard trucks are the T-shaped metal pieces that are mounted underneath the deck. It’s sole purpose is to keep the wheels and bearings securely attached to the skateboard itself. Often, skateboarder’s riding style dictates which trucks they will use on their board. 

Different trucks compliment certain styles of riding, especially in the area of gaining a tighter turn without losing any speed. It’s all about how loose or tight you prefer your skateboard trucks, but make sure they fit underneath the deck width wise first. 

What To Consider When Buying Skateboard Trucks

Skateboard trucks are comprised of several different pieces that includes an axle, hanger, kingpin and bushing as each component will have a direct affect on your stability and balance on the skateboard deck. Each piece is key to avoiding a wheel bite, which is the wheels rubbing against the bottom of the skateboard while in transit. 

And the best feature offered by skateboard trucks are its ability to stop on impact after completing a difficult trick or tight turn. 

Let’s take an in-depth look of each piece that makes up skateboard trucks as the axle is a longpin that goes through the hanger by attaching itself onto the wheels of the skateboard. The end of the axle should lineup perfectly with each edge of the skateboard. 

The aforementioned hanger is a triangular metal piece that supports and keeps the axle in place. Other important skateboard trucks’ pieces include a kingpin, which is a large bolt that fits into a bushing and keeps both skateboard trucks intact. 

The bushing is urethane rings that fits around the kingpin and allows a skateboarder the capacity to move and pivot effortlessly.

One new piece that has become a favorite of the skateboard community is a hallow kingpin as they weigh less than their counterparts, but the new design doesn’t hinder the strength or durability of the deck. Often, the kingpin is the most replaceable piece that comprises both skateboard trucks as continuous use will split the bit in half. 

Using a hallow kingpin increases your skateboarding time without the need of doing maintenance on your deck. 

Our Favorite Skateboard Trucks Reviewed

Now that you have recognized the different features of the skateboard truck, you will have to pick the right one that is aligned with your skating styles and preferences. Here are some of our top recommended skateboard trucks on the market.

1. Independent Silver 139mm Trucks 8.0″ Skateboard

Independent skateboard trucks are a solid choice for beginning skateboarders who need a little stability on the deck in order to gain some much-needed confidence. Many long-time skateboarders feel Independent is a quality brand that last for a long time.

Independent Silver 139mm Trucks 8.0

The trucks are easy to install onto a deck as you want to gain quicker reaction time which allows you to make more complete turns when necessary. This is also helpful when trying to execute a trick. 

The top skateboard critics believe no other trucks can turn as smoothly like the Independent’s 139mm. No question, their biggest asset is handling quick directional change. 

The Independent 139mm is made of aluminum, which makes it very durable and lightweight. The baseplate offers plenty of room to grind along the course as this should help immensely with your trick game. 

Thus, the Independent 139mm skateboard trucks will help a newcomer improve their skills by gaining some balance on the deck, especially around those sharp corners. Just remember that this model is a bit longer than other skateboard trucks on the market, but you’ll gain a smoother ride on the open course. 

Top Features:

  • Very low style
  • 139 mm wide

2. Thunder Hi 147 Polished Skateboard Trucks (Set Of 2)

Being manufactured by one of the recognized top skateboard companies (Deluxe Distributions) today, the Thunder Hi 147 Polished Skateboard Trucks have become a must-have by all skateboarders.

Thunder Hi 147 Polished Skateboard Trucks (Set Of 2)

The trucks’ size and height match most skater’s styles today, so don’t be alarmed with the 147mm measurement. The Thunder Hi Skateboard Trucks are designed to fit perfectly on almost every deck available on the market today. 

It works with most 8.25 axles, which is the popular size and model among skateboarders. These high performance trucks give skateboarders enough clearance to ride on the larger end of their wheels.

This is caused by the construction of the trucks, which guarantees strength and command by keeping the added weight low. The kingpin is made out of aircraft-grade metal as this allows all skateboarders to become more confident in their approach to each turn or trick attempt.

Top Features:

  • Less Wheel Bite
  • Precision Turning

3. Independent Stage 11 Skateboard trucks – Set of 2 (139(8.0″))

Independent has produced another quality and sturdy skateboard trucks as the bushings are ideal for those skateboarders who are light on their feet. This means more quick turns, while remaining stable on their feet after impact on a potential jump.

Independent Stage 11 Skateboard trucks - Set of 2 (139(8.0

This happens because there’s less wheel wobble and decreased bites in the attempt. In the past, Independent has manufactured heavier skateboard trucks, but this model is a difference maker. 

The Stage II Skateboard Trucks are made from titanium, which offers a lightweight design. Add this to the combination of a titanium axle and hollow kingpin, you have one of the stronger, lightweight skateboard trucks on the market today. 

It allows you to sky higher than normal on all possible trick attempts. Plus, the titanium features adds to the longevity of the trucks and offers very little threat to the kingpin or axle splitting in half. 

Top Features:

  • Long lasting Aluminum Hanger and Baseplate
  • Unmatched grind capability and kingpin clearance

4. Mini-Logo Skateboards 7.6-Inch Trucks (Set of 2), Raw

Mini-Logo is known within the industry as offering high-performance skateboard trucks that combines strength, stability and smooth turning capability. And it’s hard to imagine that all of this comes in a lightweight design.

Mini-Logo Skateboards 7.6-Inch Trucks (Set of 2), Raw

The 8mm axle fits perfectly into a curved hanger that gains a precision grind for all skateboarders. Some believe Mini-Logo offers a lower to the ground ride than other trucks on the market today. 

This model is ideal for beginning skateboarders who are still trying to find a comfort zone on their board. The features offered by the Mini-Logo 7.6 inch Skateboard Trucks play a vital role in becoming a better all around skateboarder. 

Top Features:

  • High Performance Capability
  • Strength, Stability and Smooth Turning

5. Speed 5″ Turbo Trucks Set w/Screws

The Speed 5″ Turbo Skateboard Trucks are lightweight with premium metal alloy and high-rebound bushings that provides much needed support on those sharp turns. Plus, the baseplate fits on most decks sold on the market today.

Speed 5

Because of the smart design, these skateboard trucks are very adaptable to install on most boards. Each part comes with little assembly required as each has a lock-in mechanism. 

This is key for newcomers as secured trucks add strength, stability and ideal turning capabilities. 

One of the more unique features found on Speed skateboard trucks is there no braking required as the skateboarder can simply turn and grind out smoothly before eventually slowing down. This feature helps immensely when trying to complete a difficult trick attempt, especially if they’re performed on a busy street. 

More experienced skateboarders believe these skateboard trucks are designed better for free-riding and cruising down a neighborhood street. 

Top Features:

  • 5′ Hanger/7.63″ Axle Length
  • Metal Alloy Finish

Choosing The Right Skateboard Trucks Size

Newcomers to skateboarding fail to recognized the importance of trucks, especially in comparison to building a skateboard from scratch. However, after some guidance from experienced skateboarders, choosing the right skateboard trucks size becomes a much easier process by making sure the width of your axle is the same size as your skateboard deck. 

The process to choosing the right skateboard trucks size begins by determining the width of the axle and hanger required. This distance determines how far apart the wheels should be from one another. 

If you fail to follow this format specifically, then choosing the wrong skateboard trucks could directly affect your performance level on the course. Certain skateboarders routinely change their trucks’ width for certain courses or styles of skateboarding they are currently partaking in. 

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