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Snowboard Care and Maintenance Tips

snowboard in snow

For snowboard enthusiasts no maintenance task is too mundane. By cleaning, waxing and repairing your board you’ll save money and have a greater appreciation for your board’s performance. All that’s necessary is a little equipment and some basic knowledge to keep your board in running order. Even if this is all new to you, with a little practice, board maintenance will soon be second nature.

The first step in proper board maintenance is keeping it clean. The base must be smooth to keep your board gliding effortlessly so you’ll want to clean it after every ride.

Begin by wiping all the dirt off the base with a dry rag. Use this as an opportunity to inspect your board for nicks and scratches. Next apply a snowboard base cleaner. This can be rubbed on with a rag or sprayed directly onto the base. Let the cleaner sit for about 15 minutes while it dissolves the wax, grime and other impurities on your board. When the cleaner has evaporated wipe your board down again with a dry cloth.

Small gouges in your board caused by riding over rocks or sliding rails can easily be repaired at home using a P-Tex candle. If you have large gashes in your board take it to a repair shop. Once your board is clean, light the P-Tex candle and allow drops of the repair plastic to drip into the gouges, filling them. When the wax and board have cooled use a scraper to remove any excess.

Waxing is the final step in basic board maintenance, but not one to skip. A properly waxed board increases the base glide allowing you to ride faster and smoother. Wax also protects your board from minor scratches and extends your board’s durability.

Begin with a general snowboard wax. Heat an iron and hold the wax bar against the iron until it begins to melt. If it starts to smoke it’s too hot. Let some wax drip onto your board then even it out with your iron. Continue until you’ve applied a thin layer to the entire base. When the wax has cooled use a scraper to remove any excess then polish the base with an abrasive pad. You should plan to wax every three trips.

While you won’t need to repair and wax your board after every use, you’ll want to clean it after each trip. Keep it hung up, not resting on cement and be sure it’s properly supported. Major damages should be fixed by professionals, but you can clean, repair and wax your board regularly to ensure it’s at peak performance for every ride.


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