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7 Best Summer Vacation Spots in Delaware

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Delaware is a small state, one that many people often disregard when it comes time to plan a vacation. This is a major mistake, as Delaware has some of the most fun and engaging summer vacation spots in the country. The following are just seven of the most popular and exciting places that you can visit this summer in Delaware.

1. Dover – The capital of Delaware is one of the most culturally-rich areas of the whole state. It is a bustling city with a variety of incredible places to visit, including the Air Mobility Command Museum, which gives you and your family access to some of the most important aviation breakthroughs in history. There are also a variety of racing tracks and other museums, such as the Johnson Victrola Museum, John Dickinson Plantation, and Spence’s Bazaar, a cool little flea market that offers a lot of great vacation shopping deals.

2. Rehoboth Beach – Delaware’s number one beach destination, Rehoboth Beach has plenty of fun destinations, including multiple swimming areas, fishing tours, surfing lessons, and much more. It also offers you access to places like the Midway Speedway Park, a fun racing destination, an old-fashioned boardwalk, and Funland, a multi-purpose fun destination with mini golf and much more. Intriguingly, you can also find places to horseback ride on the beach, giving you plenty of opportunities to look majestic against the expanse of the Atlantic Ocean.

3. Fenwick Island – This popular vacation destination is one of the best places to experience the underrated beauty of Delaware’s great outdoors. One of the most fun ways to do that is to rent a kayak or a paddleboard and take a sunset tour. There’s nothing quite like being out on the water and watching the sunset over Fenwick Island. However, there is also the state park, which is home to the shipwreck museum, a “down under” golf museum, and a marina that gives you access to waverunners and pontoon boats.

4. Lewes – Few people who have never been to Delaware have ever heard of Lewes, but those who have know it is a great vacation destination. It is home to Cape Henlopen State Park and a variety of beach state parks. It also gives you access to several ferry services that will let you tour Cape May and various Lewes beaches. For those who are interested in history, there is the Fort Miles Historic Area, multiple historic walking areas, and the Zwaanendael Museum. Lewes is also home to multiple historical local lodging centers, including Hotel Rodney, the Lazy L Bed and Breakfast, and Hotel Blue, giving you and your family plenty of places to stay during your visit.

5. Brandywine Creek State Park – Another great summer vacation destination, this state park is home to two different nature preserves: Tulip Tree Woods and Freshwater Marsh. The trees in Tulip Tree Woods are over 190 years old and Freshwater Marsh is home to multiple rare migrating birds. Visitors to the park have access to multiple hiking trails, fishing areas, and multiple camping grounds. With an expanse of nearly 1,000 acres, even locals love visiting this park because it is rarely filled with excessive levels of tourists. A great place to stay if you want to be alone on your vacation.

6. Wilmington – Wilmington is one of the most historically important cities in Delaware. It is also one of the largest and most inviting of all cities, offering visitors a little bit of everything. It is home to the Delaware Museum Of Natural History, which includes fun exhibits like the Dinosaur Gallery and the Shell Gallery. Wilmington is also home to the Hagley Museum and Library, which celebrates 200+ years of American industry and science. Wilmington is also home to multiple lodging options, zoos, and a variety of other fun vacation destinations.

7. Delaware Seashore State Park – Last, but not least, is Delaware Seashore State Park. This park has many different ways to have fun, including various rentable cottages, camp grounds, summer camps, the Indian River Marina, and even a life-saving station. Here, you and your family can learn how various first aid techniques that will keep you safe during your visit. Go swimming, fishing, or make s’mores on the beach: just make sure to relax and enjoy the beautiful summer sun.

As you can see, there are actually quite a few surprisingly fun places that you can visit in Delaware, making it a summer vacation destination that is worth your time and consideration. Why not call ahead and book lodging at one of these areas? You won’t regret it.

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