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Top 6 Places for Cycling Holidays in 2018

Cycling is a fun activity because it keeps you fit and provides a great way to check out the scenery. If you’re looking for a slow travel vacation, you should know that cycling is a great way for you to enjoy the countryside apart from hiking. The following are just some of the few awesome places for cyclists around the world. So, get ready to start planning that cycling vacation.


Germans seem to be obsessed with cycling. The country is an awesome destination for cyclists all over Europe. Why not? It has 150 cycle routes, a lot of which are geared to mountain bikers. The government has designed infrastructure in big cities solely for purposes of cycling.

One of the notable cycling routes in Germany is the Green Leisure Route, a 370-km route that takes you away from the crowded streets. Much of the path is flat.

Another popular route is Tour de Fries, which starts in Wilhelmshaven, crosses over Jadebusen for a boat ride, and passes by Bockhorn, Schillig, and Horumersiel. The 250-km route ends in Jever, the famous brewery town.

For more challenging trails, Solling Vogler Nature Reserve is a great option. Scenery varies from valleys to woods and rivers. There is a wide range trails for every type of cyclist.


Paris is one of the most interesting places in the world, and not just because of the lights. While you can get from one point to another in the city via its metro system, cycling remains the best way to enjoy the cityscape. There are many shops around the city for a stopover in case you need a break or a drink. Or maybe you can stop by some of the main attractions for Instagram-worthy pictures. Examples are the Louvre, Champs-Elysees, Avenue de l’Opera, and Pompidou Centre. You can rent a bicycle from thousands of locations within the city anytime of any day.


Americans don’t need to go abroad for a cycling adventure. Vermont offers various trails for cyclists with varying levels of experience. In the northeast, you find the famous Kingdom Trails. Featuring smooth tracks, the 160-km trail is open from May to October. The best time to be there is in autumn when the leaves turn yellow and red.


Wales attract visitors for its cool climate and awe-inspiring landscape. One of the places in Wales that ring bells for cyclists is Coed Llandegla, which is a mountain biking destination, certainly popular among locals and tourists. It’s far from the urban jungle and has 30-km mountain bike trails with specific routes for beginners and advanced riders alike. The trail owners have installed a log-cabin visitor center where riders can stop by to rest or wash their bikes.


Cambodia holds an annual cycling activity for a cause. It’s called Protect the Earth, Protect Yourself or PEPY for short. The track crosses the capital, Phnom Penh, rice paddies, and dust roads. Stop by at local stops for local delicacies, which include noodles, fried goodies, and tropical fruit juice.


If you are in Sweden, one of the best places for cycling is the areas along Gota Canal. A notable civil engineering project in the 1800s, the canal features 58 locks, coursing through several rivers and across a number of lakes. The cycling path is a no-brainer. Course along the canal. Stop by the attractions. Then relax the next day if your thighs and legs ache.

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