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Does Owning A Trampoline Increase My Homeowner’s Insurance?

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If you’re a homeowner who is considering surprising the family with a new addition to the backyard, then you might first want to consider the additional costs of owning a backyard trampoline.

While trampolines can bring a lot of fun to your time outdoors, they’re not so easy on the wallet when it comes to your insurance. This is often something that shocks new trampoline owners, so let’s cover the basics now so you don’t have the same shock.

What You Should Know About Trampolines & Property Insurance

Each year, a lot of kids (and adults) end up in their local emergency room with injuries from jumping on their home trampoline. Some of these injuries are pretty serious, while other are minor.

And when you have almost 100,000 people ending up in the ER each year just from jumping on one of these things, then you have to expect that insurance companies are going to have something to say about it.

Here’s the important things to remember:

  • If someone gets injured on your trampoline, even if they’re trespassing, then you are legally liable.
  • If you have a trampoline on your property, your homeowner’s insurance can be cancelled by the insurer due to the risk.
  • Your homeowner’s insurance premium will increase once you add a trampoline to the property.

Sounds pretty grim, eh? If you’re not financially prepared for the extra expense, then maybe it’s not such a good idea to purchase one for the family. But if you did already buy one, then keep reading to learn what to expect.

What To Expect As A Homeowner

When you are the owner of the home, the most important thing to know is that some insurance companies will cancel your policy if they find out that you have a trampoline anywhere on the property.

Note that this really only applies to the large trampolines and not one of those indoor rebounder trampolines for fitness.

What if you already own a trampoline and just now found out about this potential issue? Should you call your insurance agent?

Yes, you definitely should, otherwise if you make a claim in the future it could get denied and the policy cancelled if they discover the violation.

Here’s some other important things for homeowners to know about insurance and trampolines:

  • Some insurance companies allow trampolines if you add safety features, like a net for jumpers and a locked gate for trespassers.
  • You may be able to avoid an insurance premium increase (and keep your home insurance) by having an exclusion for any injuries related to the trampoline.
  • Your insurance company may require that you have additional liability coverage between $50,000 to $100,000 on top of the standard coverage.
  • Your premium will probably increase between $50 and $100 per year just by owning a trampoline as a homeowner. That’s how much trampoline insurance costs.
  • Your insurance company can cancel your policy if they have a no tolerance policy for trampolines. (check with your agent before buying one!)
  • Availability of trampoline coverage in a homeowner’s insurance policy varies by company and location.

What To Expect As A Renter With Renters Insurance

What if you are renting your home and just have renter’s insurance? Will your premiums increase if there is a trampoline on the property?

As a renter, your renter’s insurance policy is technically not for covering any property or liability related to the landlord’s property.

If someone gets hurt on a trampoline at a home that you are renting, then the home owner is the person who is legally liable. And, the homeowner’s insurance policy can be cancelled, just as if he was living in the home.

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