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8 Best Places in Turkey for a Summer Holiday

turkey summer holiday

turkey summer holiday

Turkey has a lot to offer to tourists, locals and foreigners alike. There are beaches, villas, local cuisines, and festivals for people to see in different times of the year. Where can you go if you’re in Turkey?

Ölüdeniz Lagoon

The picturesque, mountain-backed lagoon adorned with pines is unmistakably one of the must-see places in Turkey. Just look at the promotional posters for tourism in Turkey. Ölüdeniz Lagoon is heavily promoted. There’s been too much development, but much of the environment was preserved, too. The blue waters are too inviting to resist.


Turkey’s longest beach is also its most scenic. Patara is a strip of wide expanse of white sand. What’s not to love? Surfers can enjoy the waves. Kids enjoy running on the dunes. In the southeast end of the beach is a beach cafe with sunbeds and umbrellas and a scenic view of the remains of a medieval city.

Bodrum Peninsula

The Bodrum Peninsula has become a tourist hub. The well-off locals and visitors would go to this rocky finger not only to see Ottoman cisterns and olive groves but also to bask in one of its several beaches. Bitez and Türbükü are quite popular for their pool complexes, spas, posh restaurants, and clubs. Needless to say, the Bodrum Peninsula is the perfect hideaway.


Pronounced “see-day,” Side is another Mediterranean resort. Ancient Greek and Roman temples abound the old section. The sole hotel in town is Barut Andiz. Accommodations don’t break the bank. In addition, it brings you to the old Side, where you can see the old ruins and take photographs of the temples of Apollo and Athena.


What used to be a small, humble fishing village transformed into a famous holiday getaway in the 1980s. Kalkan is not your typical night-out destination. With no bars and clubs, you’re left with mildly stimulating ambiance that doesn’t overwhelm the senses. Think of cozy restaurants, cafes, and fishermen’s cottages. It’s for people who want a quiet moment away from rowdy party animals.


Antalya is a Mediterranean beach resort that combines new and old things. You get to experience vibrant nightlife. You can shop around, watch films in cinemas, or stroll around the suburbs. Classical music and opera enthusiasts are in for a treat. Enjoy the magnificent views of limestone cliffs that greet Konyaalti Beach from Su Hotel.


Old houses and cobbled lanes will greet anyone who comes to Alaçati, which is one of the favorite destinations of the affluent citizens of Istanbul. That means accommodations and food are fairly expensive. The elegant hotels and authentic holiday experience are always worth what you pay for.


The town sits on the foot of the jagged Taurus mountains. The looming mountains and the long beaches are just two of the charms of Alanya. Essentially, it’s another historic destination ideal for people who love to see ancient architecture as well as lovely beaches. Check out Villa Turka hotel and be in awe with the view of the sea.

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